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A Skeptic Prays to St. Rita

Posted by michael.drollman on April 23, 2018 at 7:10 PM

I just have to share; I hope it won't be too long.

Ever since I started asking St Rita to pray for CWCYC, things have been happening. Coincidence? Sure!

This morning, as I put my key into the CWCYC P.O. box, I prayed "St. Rita, show me something!" I threw away the junk flyer, and opened a large envelope containing a camper registration. I was thankful for that. then I opened the small blue envelope. It contained a greeting card. The main message of the Dayspring card: "You give glory to God through your servants heart. Thank you for giving of yourself for the good of others. You are appreciated. Included was a handwritten note from a friend of my wife,Teresa. The note said they would be getting the registrations completed for their girls, with full payment, but they wanted to get a donation to us quickly. There was a check enclosed; a check for $1000.00!

There's more. I have a friend who has been such an example of a Christian man, that I asked him last year to be my spiritual advisor. So I shared this wonderful news with him. Here is his reply:

"Thank you, St. Rita. You may be interested that my mother retired from medicine and entered the Trappistine convent in Sonoita, AZ at the age of 67 and served the Lord there in fasting and prayer (Luke 2:37) for 21 years. The monastery there is the Santa Rita Abbey, with Saint Rita of Cascia as their patroness. Get my Mom on the project, too, Sister Jean. She’ll be a great help.

Peace, Ted"

Wow! Just Wow! We will now add Ted's Mom, Sister Jean, to our list of intercessors. I go back to Erin Loe's's talk on St. Rita (last year?) at NICYC, and I just get overwhelmed by the "coincidence". I'm blown away by the unmerited love from God that has been shown to me these past weeks. The saints are real; they are efficacious; they listen; they pray; and God answers! Goodness!

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