Central Washington Catholic Youth Camp

This year's theme:
SET FREE! The Freedom Of Sainthood!


It's a new year and a new camp!

Posted by michael.drollman on January 8, 2019 at 3:40 PM


Here we go!  Building on last year's success, we are busy in the planning stages for CWCYC 2019!

We have a new location; Lazy F Camp, in Ellensburg, Washington.  They were able to give us an attractive date -June 23-28, and Ellensburg is a great location for most people from a travel perspective.

NEWS!  We will be doing registrations online this year, to serve you better.  We will also have credit card payments available; we ask that you pay the processing fees if you choose this.  Of course you can send us a check (no processig fees!).  You no longer will have to print out a bunch of pages, fill them out manually, and then mail the big lump!

We're excited! 

Our all-volunteer team has a heart for your children, as we promise another week of fun, faith and friendship!

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